Anniversary Teddy SONJA

A classic teddy for the 20th anniversary of SOSCH-Bears in 2015. Sonja has the embroidered satin anniversary bow and is 37 cm tall. She is made of a slightly curly, medium brown mohair and has a growler. The black embroidered nose and the big black eyes invite you to love her. Model Sonja is a limited small series of 20 pieces. Teddy No. 1 to Teddy No. 14 are manufactured and partly adopted. At the moment only Sonja No. 10 is produced and available from this limitation. The last six teddies from this small series will be produced on demand.

Sonja Nr. 10

Material: Mohair slightly curled
Color: medium brown
paws: dark beige
eyes: glass blue (not childproof)
Filling: absorbent cotton
Accessories: loop and growler
Size: 37 cm
weight: 574 g
born on: 20.4.2016
Adoption fee: adopt

Sonja 10 1SONJA 10

Sonja 10 2SONJA 10

Sonja 10 3SONJA 10

Sonja Gruppe frei grauSONJA Group