Look the first steps to the birth of a SOSCH-Bear !


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All SOSCH-Bears are made of high quality Schulte Mohair, Alpaca or cotton. No animal has to die for the extraction of the hair, because they are shorn. From the wool of these animals these beautiful fabrics are then woven. Mohair is the hair of the Angora goat. The term Mohair comes from the Arabic language which describes a fabric made of goat hair. Through special processes special effects are achieved, which make this fabric unique worldwide. It is also very hard wearing and has a silky shine. Furthermore, I also like to use the very noble Alpaca fur for my bears. These graceful animals live in mountain valleys of the Andes, at altitudes of up to 4,000 meters. The fur of the alpacas is known for its special fineness and is exceptionally soft. The paws of the SOSCH-Bears are mostly made of a mini fabric matching the color of the coat. Regardless of the basic material, all types of fabric are available in many colors, structures, patterns and lengths. So every single SOSCH-Bear gets its own personal touch and every teddy feels different while cuddling.


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Every SOSCH-Bear has its own pattern, which I designed myself. A teddy bear almost always consists of at least 21 individual pieces of fabric. It is a long way until all the individual pieces can be sewn together to form a teddy. Until the final pattern is fixed, several attempts may be necessary. I am only satisfied when the teddy finally has the right proportions for me. Once this pattern is determined, it is drawn on the back of the fabric using a template and can be used again and again. So that the teddy doesn't miss any hair later, the pattern is carefully cut out with pointed scissors. Once all the individual pieces are cut out, they are partially sewn together with the machine or by hand. So at the end of this step I have small, empty teddy links in front of me, which will be filled and assembled in the next steps.

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Fuellzeug2 kSo that now from the empty cover a stately SOSCH Bear becomes, most Teddys with filling absorbent cotton (usually fiber balls) are stuffed. Special teddy models are stuffed depending on their function partly with granules, cherry stones or with a mix of different filling materials. If desired, a teddy can also get a growler or a music box, which is inserted in the torso. After filling, all parts of the SOSCH-Bear are put together. This is done with "joint discs" made of cardboard and metal pins. These fix the head and all limbs of the teddy to the torso, so that the teddy can move arms and legs and turn the head. The special thing about the SOSCH-Bears is that every teddy is unique and has a heart inserted. On this little heart the model name, the running number of the model and the date of birth of the SOSCH-Bears are written. Because what would a Teddy be without a big heart, which can distribute all the love?

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Only through small details the teddy finally gets a special touch and its unmistakable character. That is why the nose is embroidered at the end and two threads are stretched out for the mouth; sometimes smiling, sometimes smiling, sometimes sad, depending on the length or angle of the threads or the "state of mind" of the TEDDY. The shining eyes are made of glass and are mouth-blown in different colors. Should a teddy become a friend for a toddler, this teddy will of course receive childproof eyes made of plastic. At the end a little bow, a little heart or a scarf and the teddy is ready for adoption. It takes many hours before a teddy can be put up for adoption. Depending on the size of the model and the condition of the fur, between 6 and 20 or even more hours of work are required. If desired, a name and/or date (e.g. date of birth) can be embroidered on the right sole of the foot. Afterwards all data of the teddy will be recorded and documented.

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