Adopt Teddies

These models have already found new parents and are no longer available. However, it is possible to make the individual teddy models again - but with a different coat, paw or eye color - so that it is the same teddy, but with small differences. This it is guaranteed that each SOSCH-Bears is only available once in the same design. Even with the same cut the teddy changes through the respective fur.

If one of the adopted models should smile at you, please send me a message and I will make the teddy again (if the fur is still available). After completion I will add the teddy to the current teddies and let you know. If you like him, you are welcome to adopt him. If not, I am sure he will find new parents.


Alpha 17  ALPHA

Asha 1 ASHA

Cheeky 14  CHEEKY

Chengdu 1 CHENGDU

Dominik 21 DOMINIK


Eamila 4 EAMILA

Giulietta 4  GUILIETTA

Joshua 1  JOSHUA

Magnus 2  MAGNUS

Manne II  Manne II



Pu 5  PU


Sokrates 11 1 frei 180

Sonino32 frei 180SONINO


Valentina 3 frei 180