2021 01 Winter

Nice that you are here !   Herz157 klein

Welcome to the SOSCH-Bears, the unique, individually handmade teddies by Sonja Scherer from Stutensee.
Working with the teddy bears is an exciting time, during which I was allowed to meet many great people and for whom the SOSCH-Bears brought a smile to their faces. Some Teddy lovers accompanied the SOSCH-Bears a little way, others have remained loyal to the SOSCH-Bears to this day. Teddies are true friends who radiate confidence, warmth and security.



The SOSCH-Bears are always happy to meet you in person. 

..... by appointment in the SOSCH-Bear Studio, Stutensee-Staffort

..... and at various events - more information on the page: meet us  



 "You are the heart of our sucess ! "


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