2021 01 Winter2 

Nice that you are here !   Herz157 klein
Welcome to the SOSCH-Bears, the unique, individually and lovely hand made teddies by Sonja Scherer from Stutensee.
Being involved with the Teddy Bears is an exciting time, in which I got to know a lot of great people and the SOSCH bears put a smile on their faces. Some teddy bear lovers accompanied the SOSCH-Bears a little way, others have remained loyal to the SOSCH-Bears to this day.

The SOSCH-Bears are always happy to meet you in person. Since this is unfortunately not possible at exhibitions at the moment, we will be happy to welcome you in the SOSCH Bear Studio by appointment.


.... and from October 23, 2021 you can meet the SOSCH-Bears also in the
"Einzelstück - HANDMADE WITH LOVE" in Karlsdorf !

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 "You are the heart of our sucess ! "


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